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3rd Generation: Mia & Mark Barsotti

"This is so awesome!" Aidan (age 9)

"That's my apple cider." Julia (age 3)

People say the nicest things about our juices, ciders, and blends!  Here's a collection of quotes that make us pretty darned proud.  Enjoy!

Your Carrot Juice is AMAZINGLY YUMMY.  I LOVE it!   Whenever I crave chocolate, I have a small glass and the craving immediately vanishes.  How can I lose on this diet plan.  Makes me very HAPPY.  A healthy chocolate substitute.  :)  Thank you! ... Karen, Wheatland CA
"I have tried your Special Blend Lemonade and find it to be the absolute best I have ever tasted. It is best when served ice cold, but it has a very unique sweetness that is not overpowering. Congrats on producing a great product and I wish you continued success in the future.  This is truly a great beverage for any time of the day." ... Linda, Oakland CA

"It's like drinking happiness!"  ... Claudia, age 7, after tasting our Apple Cider

"This is the real deal.  I've never had a better tasting cider!"
 ... customer at COSTCO road show

"Holy moly that's good!" 
... customer at COSTCO road show

"This is so awesome!" ... Aidan (age 9; photo) regarding our California Valencia Orange Juice

"All of your juices were really popular with customers; but your new flavor Viva Mango was the most popular for sure. Customers liked the thickness of the drink and well balanced flavors; some even thought it tasted more like a smoothie rather than just a drink. The Twisted Berry was also very popular with customers especially parents who liked that they could get some extra vegetable into their families diets and that it was very kid friendly."
... Leah, Whole Foods Market Demo Specialist, Los Gatos CA

"I would like to let you know that your carrot juice is THE best I have ever had. I normally buy the one Costco carries, but have stopped, since I tasted yours! I used to make my own and even that is not as good as yours. Thank you, because I really don't like carrot juice." ... Eva, Pittsburg CA

"It's like drinking an apple." 
... Joshua, about 6, after tasting our apple cider at a Raley's demo

"I've tried a lot of juices and must say the cranberry apple cider is among the best I've tasted."
... Fred, Camino CA

ďItís like biting into an apple."
... Charleen, UC Davis student

"This line of juices is competitively priced when compared to other similar brands. It gains value by being all-natural, very locally produced and very tasty."
... Jason, Whole Foods Market Demo Specialist, Sacramento CA

"The twisted berry was a hit! Customers absolutely loved that it had beet in it, but didn't taste like beet. Customers were very impressed with it."
... Alicia, Whole Foods Market Demo Specialist, Roseville CA

I seldom write this kind of an email, but after making one of the best smoothies I have ever tasted, I decided to scan the label on the bottle to see if I could find an internet address Ė and I did. Your Twisted Berry Juice is absolutely delicious. Iíve been buying it at COSTCO and I hope it will continue to be something I can purchase there because Iíve never seen it in any of the grocery stores around me. It is great on its own, and to make a lighter version that is nice for sipping, I mix Ĺ of the juice with Ĺ of sparkling mineral water. But the absolute best is using it to make a protein shake before the gym. One scoop of protein powder, cup of almond milk and cup of the Twisted Berry Juice, throw in some ice cubes and youíve got one of the best tasting protein smoothie drinks around that is full of antioxidants and vitamins. I had no idea it even had vegetables in it when I first bought it! Fortunately too, because Iím not a V8 fan at all, but this stuff is out of this world.

Iíve been turning all my friends on to it! Bravo! Bravo!!
... Chet, Walnut Creek CA

"I am the owner of Zia's Italian Caffe & Gelato Bar on Main Street in Placerville. We are now making a sorbetto out of your Twisted Berry juice ... It is AMAZING, and tastes out of this world. We will be promoting it this month. We love Bob that delivers our juices, and we love your juices too!"
... Shari, Zia's Italian Caffe & Gelato Bar, Placerville CA

I purchased your Twisted Berry juice at COSTCO in Daville, CA and I was blown away by how incredible it tastes. I would like to kiss the mixologist! Thank you all for making such a wonderful blend. I will work really hard to keep business flowing by telling friends, family and co-workers about these natural juices
... Monai, Danville CA


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