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Welcome to the Barsotti Ranch in Apple Hill® (Camino, CA) where all of our juices are hand-crafted in small batches. Click here to see an aerial photo of the ranch and juice operations. The tour below will give you a good idea of just what it takes to turn fresh, sun-ripened fruit into the tasty Barsotti juice found in the produce section of your neighborhood store.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on Barsotti Juices.



We start with quality, hand-picked fruit and vegetables from key areas of California, Oregon, and Washington, including our own varieties from the Barsotti Ranch and other Apple Hill® ranches.
  Fresh apples and carrots arrive weekly to the Barsotti Ranch to begin the pressing and bottling process. We use many varieties of apples in our blends -including Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Gala, Gravenstein, Macintosh, Mutsu, Red Delicious, Pink Lady ... and others.
  We squeeze only the purest juice out of the fruit in our large accordion-style presses. While we know that we could get even more juice out of the fruit by re-pressing and centrifuging – that process, while allowing companies to be very efficient and churn out higher volume of juice per ton of fruit – we believe that, the process dilutes the flavor of the juice. And so we adhere to a very strict first press policy – so that only the purest juice of the fruit is allowed in the bottles.
  The juice is flash pasteurized and then pumped into one of many cold storage tanks located near the bottling area.
  Some of our varieties require the addition and blending of 100% fruit and/or vegetable purees, natural juice concentrates and occasionally natural flavors to ensure a consistent, high quality taste.
  The left over fruit and vegetable rind (also called "pomace") is collected and shipped off to a farm where it is fed to pigs and cattle.
  In the secure bottling area, sterile bottles are loaded into the filling system where the expiration date and lot code is printed on each one. A sample of each pressing is tested for quality by our Quality Assurance Department. We ensure your safety by strictly adhering to all State and Federal food safety guidelines.
  Labels are applied by the automated labeling machine to the front and back of each bottle.
  After traveling down a conveyor system, the filler dispenses just the right amount of freshly pressed juice into each bottle before they are capped, cleaned, dried, and boxed for shipping.
  Cases of juice are immediately moved from production into the cold storage facility and sorted by customer and variety. We ensure quality and customer satisfaction by only producing enough juice to fill each order ... each day.
  We use semi-trucks, bobtails, small trucks, and vans to deliver juice to our customers. Some juice travels back East on refrigerated rail cars while other orders are hauled to distribution hubs for disbursement.
  And there we are ... in the refrigerated display of your grocer's fresh produce section.



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