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We moved to Apple Hill® (Camino, CA ) from Foster City, CA in 1976 and fell in love with our ranch as soon as we saw it.  A multitude of apple and pear trees, a log house, a large cold storage building and a complete fruit packing line were all part of the purchase.  We certainly didn’t realize how much work was involved in owning an orchard and packing mill.

Our family of five – Gael, Joan and children (Karen, Cathy and Mike) - moved in accompanied by the dog, cat, goldfish and shortly after, grandparents.

Farmers always say there’s no money in farming and they’re often right!  In 1976 the pear trees were still not producing the bountiful fruit that was harvested in the 50’s.  And, in the last 30+ years we have never had the perfect year that everyone hopes for, when the crop is large, the fruit perfect and of course the selling price high.  Still, we’ve been pleased with the production we’ve had, and there’s always next year!  It’s the quality of life that truly is the best crop we harvest. Just ask the kids how much fun they had growing up here!

We have always grown, packed and sold quality apples and juice.  We started with one tractor and one forklift on 37 acres of pears and apples. Everyone in the family worked hard.  And our ranch manager, Leonardo, kept everything on track to grow beautiful, bountiful fruit each year.  After a request from Raley’s to provide fresh cider to their stores, we slowly changed from an apple-packing operation to a wholesale cider and juice operation.  It took some time to get it right – to truly understand what it took to make the best tasting juice around.  We quickly learned it’s not just about pressing fresh apples into juice – it’s about using just the right combination of apple varieties to ensure the perfect marriage of the sweet and tart flavors.

Now, we freshly press top quality juice all year long at our production facility that rivals many small producers of freshly pressed juice. We’ve replaced the flatbed trucks loaded with cases of juice and piles of ice with refrigerated semi-trucks and vans. Look for our trucks transporting our juice to your local supermarkets throughout Northern California. Our juice is also flash pasteurized to ensure your safety.  And we’ve added two acres of solar panels (installed by Premier Power) to help run the mill.  Click HERE to take a tour of the cider mill.

Today, our son, Michael runs the cider mill, while daughter Cathy, handles sales and marketing.  Leonardo Vega, is still our ranch manager.  Justo manages production.  Tricia runs the main office.  Fran handles the lab and quality assurance.  And our production crew works round the clock, rain or shine!  It's truly our team behind the scenes at the mill, and on the road that keep the presses pressing, the bottles filling and the trucks rolling down the road to ensure that our freshly pressed juices make it safely from our mill to a store near you.  This passionate group takes pride in everything they do.  It's the hard work of all our kids and employees that ensures we can continue to offer up the best tasting juice around.

Is this a good life?  You bet it is ... and we wouldn’t change it for the world! 

We hope you enjoy our juices and we guarantee that the quality is the best!   Barsotti Juice Company is one of the last great family-run businesses from one of the last great places to live.



Your friends,
Gael & Joan Barsotti

(By the way, Joan has authored several children's picture books and historical novels.  Check out her books at



Our Team

Michael Barsotti (our son) ... runs the cider mill

Mike, our master blender and production guru, has been at the helm since 2000.  His task in life is to ensure that we are one well-oiled machine and, more importantly - that the juice we're producing and bottling is the finest you'll ever taste!  He's picky about the quality of fruits and vegetables used, and has been known to turn away truck-loads of fruit because it wasn't up to his standards.  He takes pride in his masterful blending of our all natural juice, purees and concentrates - and you can taste the difference in every bottle! 

Leonardo Vega ... manages the agricultural operations at the ranch

How great are the trees looking this year?  Ask Leonardo.  Need to know when it’s time to prune or pick?  Ask Leonardo.  Ever wanted to know why the blossoms are pink on pear trees, but white on apple trees?  Ask Leonardo.  Here is a man who truly understands the life cycle of the orchard and has a passion for fruit and farming.  He has been an incredible asset to our ranch since the day we moved to Apple Hill®, over 33 years ago.

Cathy Barsotti (our daughter) ... manages all of the sales and marketing

Having taken a different path after graduating from college, Cathy finally heeded the call of returning to the family business in late 2007.  Diving into all this juice business head-first, she soon developed a penchant for peddling the family's finest juice blends to our supermarket partners.  It's an easy job when you're a big believer in the product you're tasked to sell - and this juice is hands-down the most naturally delicious and naturally perfect you'll ever try.

Justo Estanislao ... manages the pressing and bottling operation

Justo started working at our ranch when he was only 15.  That was a number of years ago.  How long?  Justo won't let us say ... but his dedication to the family has not gone unnoticed.  He knows everything there is to know about ensuring that our juices are bottled and shipped using the latest safety and quality standards.


Tricia Marquis ... manages the main office at the Mill

Tricia splits her time handling your calls and emails, wrangling over orders, sorting through invoices, and crunching through the financials.  Though we're not sure when she last took any time off, we're pretty sure we truly couldn't keep the ship headed in the right direction without her endless hours of effort!


Bob Flagler ... brings the juice to your local market and cafe

Bob can be seen driving the delivering truck to various stores, cafes, and markets throughout the Sacramento valley, foothills, and even the Bay Area.  Give him a wave the next time you see the DSD truck roll by!

Deliveries using our big trucks are carried out by Keith, Gene and John.


Mark Soots ... manages sales and merchandising in the Bay Area & SoCal

Having been in the Food & Beverage industry since 1984, Mark's years of sales and merchandising experience ensure that Barsotti is well-represented in the Bay Area, the North State, and Southern California.  As our Regional Sales Manager, Mark diligently works to ensure our current and future clients have everything they need to guarantee their success ... at least from the Barsotti side!


Walter Mathews ... manages the marketing in addition to sales and merchandising

Walter brings a rich history in sales and marketing to the Barsotti team.  He handles sales and merchandising out at stores throughout the Central Valley of Northern California in addition to developing our website, promotional content, social media, branding, and marketing material.


Fran Hill ... oversees quality control, testing, and laboratory analysis

In addition to Fran (pictured here) who handles quality assurance and the product testing lab, our mill is run by a dedicated team of hardworking folks.

It's truly our team behind the scenes at the mill and on the road that keep the presses pressing, the bottles filling and the trucks rolling down the road to ensure that our extraordinary juices make it safely from our mill to a store near you.  This passionate group takes pride in everything they do ... working well past their normal schedule.  It's the hard work of all that help our family company grow and keep up with these changing times so we can continue to offer up the best tasting juice around!


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